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"Unless you have any objection to it, The Admiral and I were wondering if perhaps you would like to oversee modifications to more of the Ackbar's fighters?"

Andros had to call upon all the calming exercises he knew in order to not jump and shout. He could barely contain his excitement but his voice came out calmly when he replied, "That would be my pleasure. Just as long as it doesn't interfere with my time with my master."


"Do you think we may need a medteam standing by? Just in case Tavaryn faints when I break the news?"

Jun-la gave a great laugh that startled the other crew members on the bridge. She lowered her voice and replied, "Only if you want him to cause a scene."

I heard that moi chroi. Tavaryn's thoughts projected towards Alriana. He hadn't meant to eavesdrop on the conversation but he knew that his aversion to the CMO was a source of entertainment. He then sent, I will see you then, maybe sooner since Belina wants Jun-la in here. As to the admiral joining us... excellent. The last part took on a mischievous tone.

"It looks like Tavaryn is looking forward to seeing Kaillian"

Jun-la replied, "Of course. When does your shift end?"


"We're clear!"

Tonatius heard the call and directed his fighter towards the planet. He entered the coordinates and replied, "Well I've always wanted to land in the middle of a swamp."

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