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[SOLVED] XWing95/TIE95 crashes starting mission (Vista 64)


Can anyone please help me get XWing Collector Series working properly on Vista 64?

I managed to get both games to run by following this thread:

I was able to start both games, watch the intros, navigate the ship menus, watch the briefing etc but when trying to start a mission it would fail. The screen would briefly go black then I'd be dumped back at the desktop with no error message.

Strangely XvT worked and I was able to start a mission.

I'm not even trying to use 3d, I'd be happy to get them to run just 640x480 8bit.

I've tried running in various compatibility modes, no success.

Hopefully its a simple fix. Any ideas?



I just followed Markus Eggers' instructions and installed them properly now they run fine. Oh the memories :-) Markus you are a genius, thankyou

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