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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Nar Shaddaa - the other wretched hive of scum and villiany. I wonder if you'll put in the rickety walkways as seen in other iterations of Nar Shaddaa.

When you said it was going to be for Nar Shaddaa, I remembered a part of Scorchy's walk through that I thought you may find interesting, which I'll quote below:

I thought it might be helpful - somehow.
Héhéhé, JK II, been awhile since I played the game. Though, actually my most fun and first "contact" with Nar Shaddaa come from Dark Forces and Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.

I know these game really played out the narrow high passages, rickty rusted walkways and deep pits. Thing is though, that worked becaus you could run of them and die in those games.

No such thing is possible in the Kotor games; plus party members and NPCs somehow hate narrow walkmeshes. So in that regard my new made areas won't look like the levels seen in the JK games.

In a certain way I'm trying to find a middleway. As I found the Nar Shaddaa in TSL a bit lacking.

Originally Posted by Bob Ta'aar View Post
Just plainly awesome! Those are the mods I love.
I kinda felt the same about Nar Shaddaa. Where's all the fun and blingbling? And Vogga? He's a damn Hutt crimelord! So, this looks just perfect, Quanon!

Just one thing ... erhm ... will it be TSLRCM-compatible? They made a lot of changes on Nar Shaddaa, especially the docks sector.
I won't touch the docks much themselves. Infact the first 2 rooms of Vogga home will stay in place, income hall with the musician dude, room behind that where the droid quest starts. It'll be a hassle to adjust certain scripts, that's true. But I'll keep TSLRCM in mind.

Originally Posted by Bob Ta'aar View Post
well, the video-link is dead (or rather incomplete, I think).

a lot of insight into Nar Shaddaa and the Hutts is also given in the Han Solo Trilogy books, for those of you who like reading. I really enjoyed them, although for my taste, Nar Shaddaa is depicted there as too much of a friendly place. But it gives a lot of info, for example existed different sectors and Han obviously lived in the Correllian sector.
of course, that was 4000 years after KotOR .
Héh, I'll have to check out those books. Thanks for that bit of insight.

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