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Of course there are the surprised that this could be done:
wow? i never had that...and it showed part of Canderous that I never thought he had lol.
same here, i never? knew that whould happen.
Holy [crap]! I've never seen? canderous that angry!
wow ive never seen that [jerk] before
how does this manage to happen? Ive traveled with ONLY Canderous and Bastilla(cept on Korriban) and Jagi never showed up! HELP!
Thanks I could not find the cutscene for the life of me!
thanks! i have never knew about jagi!
lol clueless people

Gotta love it.
Some having issues with how it's played out:

I admire mandalorians but these? are two pussies lol FIGHT ALREADY!
Canderous is really way more compassionate than a mandalorian should be. Guess you dont need to be a total sociopath to become mandalore. Nice post, by the way.
Guess nobody ever told them mandos have compassion too, Unless they end up like Montross who ultimately died at Jango's hands. I had a wonderful time playing that part of SW Bounty Hunter.

If you watch the video, you would see the problem with this statement:
two lightsaber wielding? mandos? DAYUM!
I dunno. This guy might actually have a sense of humor. Maybe.

Until someone proves otherwise I always try to give them benefit of the doubt when it comes to having a basic inkling of common sense. A comment like this obviously can't be a serious one. However, if he really is being serious,
1) epic facepalm
2) you now have license to laugh AT him

Besides modding, others out there think there are other benefits to the PC version:

Is the Jagi sub story PC only or does it work for Xbox?

lol is this only on the PC version or what

Is this cut content, or is it just for PC? Because I have the Xbox version and I have run around every planet with Canderous and have not found anything that would lead up to this scene, or make it come on.

this must be the pc version.

is this a mod or can you get this on normal xbox version

Do u have to have a mod to fight Jagi

is this moded cause every time i try to do that it doesnt work

Can this be on Xbox

ia this whole encounter a mod, or can you do this in the game without a mod?

how did you do that ive never seen that guy befor ps is there a diffrent verson for like xbox360 or computer

can u do this on the xbox version sheml
Eh, just let them continue to be uncertain about it. If they care enough, I'm sure they'll find out the answer one way or another. Who knows, maybe a few of them will say some things worth a chuckle or two.

Someone actually thought I didn't know what a mod was:

YouTuber: is this a mod if not how do i get to it
Me: Which one are you talking about?
YouTuber: A mod is like a modifacation

*Someone* has to think they're never wrong here, and it certianly isn't shem.

So I put a yellow Mandalorian outfit on Jagi and it really confused someone:

but the yellow mandalore (jagi)... isn't that the arena champion from Taris?
Must be some more of that not paying attention stuff. There seems to be an abundance of it. I should go into business and make a profit off of it.

Originally Posted by shem
What some people think of me:
wow cheater u used so much EXP
Using exp? I thought you gained experience points in a game? Hm. Interesting.

JedishemL is a f'n noob!!
Guy, think about that for just a second, you are calling someone who mods the game (knows it inside and out) a n00b. That means if this person can show you up, you are being shown up by a n00b by your own testament. Think about that for just a second, fella, being pwned BY a n00b.

I think the point makes itself.

Then there are those who feel bad for me:

I feel bad for you Shem, you make amazing videos, but people are constantly pestering you about how to get stuff such as Canerous's armor in this video. They just can't comprehend that you can "mod" PC games. Ignorant people, what are you going to do?
Maybe someone should tell him what we do with all these comments. There's plenty of amusement if you know how and where to find it.

Ah the disappointment this guy got when he learned the armor I put on Canderous is a mod:
Where did you get the armor for canderous?I just want to know without mods or cheats.
Life is cruel sometimes, unfortunately.

yo, i did this, and he wasnt talking to canderous, instead he killed canderous, and either allow him to tkae canderous's place, or fight him.. i didnt mod it, i saw this, and i was like wtf, cuz my freinds showed me on thier systems that mine was wrong just like ur vid here, so ya...
OK, can someone say BULL ****?

Somebody took it personally on all the queries I receive:
Oh my [fudg]ing god, will you retards stop asking how he got the dark jedi and the armors? ITS OBVIOUS ITS A? MOD, STOP BEING SUCH [FUDG]ING IDIOTS AND TRY TO USE YOUR BRAINS FOR ONCE YOU RETARDS.
I'd just tell him: It's okay, the dumb comments of all these people *aren't* going to waste. Trust me.

Some people really have their own version of looking at things:

The dude in yellow sounds like Chris Freeman aka Alucard.
Hm. Let me pull up a vid so we can judge for ourselves, personally I think I kind of agree actually.
View page
YouTube Video
For those who don't know:
"Alucard" is a character on the anime "Hellsing ultimate" (NOT for audiences under 18 due to extreme blood and gore). If you spell the name "Alucard" backwards you'll see what name it really is.

If I am not mistaken this is not only a nod towards the real life Vlad Tepes [meaning "the impaler"] Dracula (because in at least one scene it is shown with Alucard in a brief flashback to his human life when he was looking like Vlad the impaler), but also it is a nod to Konami and their game of Castlevania 3 for the NES where there's a recruitable playable character named "Alucard" (Adrian Tepes Farenheight), the lost son of Dracula.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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