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Originally Posted by purifier View Post
While not every terrorist is a Muslim extremists, Muslim extremist hold the majority of terroristic acts of killing anyone on this planet who wants peace. They don't get the attention just because they make the most threats, they get it because they carry out most of those terroristic threats; more than anyone else.
Source, please?

I agree that there Muslims extremists perpetrate the bulk of the attacks. However, the way that the media jumped to the conclusion that this particular incident had links to AQ does nothing more than further suspicion of Muslims everywhere and hype AQ into boogeymen.

We live in tumultuous times, where an attack by a terrorist or terrorist group is a very real possibility. However, the perpetrators do not fall neatly under religious labels. Similar minded individuals will group together and choose a banner that makes sense to them. Devoting extra resources to "protect" against one religious group leaves us vulnerable to attacks from other angles.

I suppose my point boils down to this: Muslim terrorists should be feared, but not any more or less than any other terrorist. Whether they're IRA or AQ doesn't matter, they're terrorists. What does matter is what they are presented as. If a non-Muslim perpetrates an attack that gets blamed on a Muslim group, resources and public awareness will turn from other, legitimate threats.
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