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@Al_Ciao: he meant the site that his links lead to, Here ya go, just look for them under the official release part

@Q I gots myself a little problem with Intel as well (Mobile Intel 4 Express Chipset Family) and ive done everything you said and i still cant get passed the 1st movie. Movie, no problem, but after that, black screen, droid (T3 i would guess.) and then crashes. i find it weird tho because i have not one problem with Kotor II on meh Windows 7 desktop, but i do with this windows 7 laptop here... ive coppied the files from my desktop to my laptop before, witch didnt work. I got kotor 1 to work no problem at all after following your post XD mabye a few "Sith Lords" dont like Mr. Bill Gates....

EDIT: ok, now when it crashes i dont even hear T3 beep..... i didnt do anything to it either XD dont know if that will help or not, but yeah....

EDIT2: well, i tried taking a few of the saves from meh desktop (one was in telos, one in Korriban, and other was Trayus Core or w/e its called) to see if the claim that only the begining parts and the endgame was broke, well, my korriban didnt work either. thought that might want to be known XD

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