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Originally Posted by Mandalorian Knight View Post
Source, please?

Originally Posted by Mandalorian Knight View Post
I agree that there Muslims extremists perpetrate the bulk of the attacks. However, the way that the media jumped to the conclusion that this particular incident had links to AQ does nothing more than further suspicion of Muslims everywhere and hype AQ into boogeymen.
Yes, the media definitely made premature assumptions in this case. I'd even go far as to say they suggested that it was a Muslim terrorist act to the world without getting their facts straight, but then again, that's the media isn't it? Nothing new there, huh? Yet, when it was first reported across the globe, before the actual facts came in, I'll bet you 10 to 1 that the possiblity of a Muslim act of terrorism (even without the media's help in this case) crossed everybody's mind beforehand; no matter what that individual's convections were at that moment. Know why? Answer: Because it's a fact that Muslim extremist kill the most people in terrorist activity worldwide, they commit the most horrendous acts of terrorism on other human beings worldwide. That makes the biggest impact in our minds, the actions of Islamic terrorism speak louder no matter what any media organization may try to tell you.

Originally Posted by Mandalorian Knight View Post
We live in tumultuous times, where an attack by a terrorist or terrorist group is a very real possibility. However, the perpetrators do not fall neatly under religious labels. Similar minded individuals will group together and choose a banner that makes sense to them. Devoting extra resources to "protect" against one religious group leaves us vulnerable to attacks from other angles.
Well that all sounds good, as far as the ideal of giving equal protection from other terrorist groups, except not in the case of Muslim terrorist, they are a different matter all together. The real facts are, that Muslim terrorists hold the majority of killing the most people in terrorist acts. They are the biggest threat in this world right now and nothing can change that fact.

Originally Posted by Mandalorian Knight View Post
I suppose my point boils down to this: Muslim terrorists should be feared, but not any more or less than any other terrorist. Whether they're IRA or AQ doesn't matter, they're terrorists. What does matter is what they are presented as. If a non-Muslim perpetrates an attack that gets blamed on a Muslim group, resources and public awareness will turn from other, legitimate threats.
I wish were that were true, as far as Muslim terrorist being no more feared as any other terrorist organizations ( well really...I wish we didn't have to worry about any of them, to tell you the truth), but that's not how the real world is. Truth be told, Muslim terrorists commit the worst acts in terrorist activity. Trying to give Muslim terrorists some kind of equality with other non-muslim terrorists is not going to deter from the facts, not as it stands today. They've done the worst, and will probably continue to do so, so most of our attention will continue to focus on them.

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