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Over Pazaak

Pre KOTOR and KOTOR of Korriban: A look into the lives of two of the extra characters

The piece is very well done, the vignettes; on of Trask, the other of Thalia May give us insights into their lives not expressed in the game. The idea that Thalia had escaped from Taris made it even more interesting.

Pick of the Week
Tales of KOTOR Completing the Circle

TSL on Dantooine: The Exile goes to face the Jedi Council for the last time

The piece flowed well, and the scenes, albeit generic were fun. Having both the Exile and Kreia take Brianna over was a bit much, but workable

The Jedi Code

One shot sequel to Coruscant: The young Revan is taught the meaning of the Jedi code

The piece goes through the one point that every Jedi faces, understanding the Force, and the code the Jedi live by. The author echoed the same plaint I did, perhaps the Jedi should have done a full blown sex education program where the young Jedi learn how to love without being possessive, and learn to curb their emotions rather than ignoring them. As the young apprentice is thinking, you can't wish for full knowledge without being passionate about it.

A Constant Battle
Sith Lord Darth Revan

Sequel to Casualty of War: The new Jedi Council turns to their new problem; Revan.

The piece has an interesting flow; having people we were not sure was alive still dealing with the problem helps to create a flow. The idea that Revan might still fall to the dark adds a deeper problem there.

Never Let Go

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: The Exile deals with Brianna's pain at being separated from her sisters

The piece fell into a fight beyond any I would have imagined. The brutality shocked me, listing a string of wounds worthy of a deathmatch. Oh, one thing, barley is a grain not a sequence as in barely.


TSL aboard GOTO's yacht: It is your decision what you use...

The piece is excellent in that Alexandra3 had her Exile heal her rescuers, and continue the fight.

Pick of the Week



Post KOTOR: I know the feeling...

The piece snuck up on me, but I understood the feeling in the queue. Having live with roommates I understand the irritation of a bathroom hog; that's one reason I love living alone now.

Pick of the Week

Sera Terranova

KOTOR on Dantooine: Mission reacts badly to the open sky

As the first reviewer commented, Mission's reaction was perfect, living in the lower city she would never see the sky and suddenly having it in your face would be terrifying. Her reaction is typical Mission, and her cover story equally perfect Mission.

[url= Invisibles[/url]

Pre Mandalorian Wars: Their relationship was never meant to be...

An interesting pairing; having Bastila and Malak have a relationship was an interesting twist. The piece was fun; two young people dancing around the idea that they are acting like any two young ones, even to Malak's denial of his love before his departure.

The Birth of Revolution

Pre KOTOR: Revan gathers her forces.

The piece flows well, and the situation was also well done. The idea that Revan would have to warn her followers of her decision is excellent, and the one unnamed soldier is probably Atton.

Cries of the suffering

Pre KOTOR: Bastila facing Revan, and failing

The piece flows well, and Revan is superlative in explaining his view. But then again, Lenin was just as dark in his own way, and just as good at explaining his motivation.

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