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Double post, I know.. sorry, but MAJOR Press Event was just released detailing quite a bit.

  • New Skill / Trait System, now just an active/passive skill tree to prevent "wasting" points and allow build experimentation without respeccing
  • D1 Protagonist (Dark Wanderer) Back-History retconned, apparently Leoric was daddy
  • Introduction of Leah, Cain's adopted niece and Daughter of Adria the Witch
  • Increased 5 page stash (hell yeah!)


Here comes the bombshell: he also introduced to us the auction house. The real money auction house. Yes, an auction house that you pay/sell items for real cash and vice versa. As soon as this dropped, it was silent, though I couldn't stop myself from spitting out "Bwhat?!" to break the silence permeating throughout the room.

It seemed to me like he waited a few slides before he actually let us know that there would also be a gold-based auction house, as well as in-game trading... Maybe just to see our reactions or something, but do not fret! You will not be forced to use real money.
Wow. I had mixed reaction.. but this was a LONG time in coming seeing as how D2 had a very thriving and active economy. Auction sites existed for it.. and now it seems Blizzard is finally doing it "right".

If you're a Diablo fan, I'd highly suggest the read as it's hard to really convey the bullet points. I'm excited about it. Looks like late 2011 and 2012 is going to be a fantastic year for gaming. Between ToR, Skyrim, ME3, Batman:AC and D3.. I'm gonna have my hands full.. hehe

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