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"Would it surprise you if I told you he actually built a working model? It's a passion of his, tinkering with anything with wires. I encourage it and I see it has proven useful."

"It did suprise me, yes." Garja said. "At times I simply can't believe what he's capable of. Thanks to him, the Ackbar's computers have been upgraded, most of of our fighters are in better working order then ever and the enviormental systems are finally working properly. At times I feel that the resistance would not be doing as well as we are without him."

"Lead the way Chief of Security."

Alriana smiled once and then opened the turbolift door and stepped in, she keyed in the deck that she wanted to go to and held the door open for Jun-la.

Not a moment too soon moi chroi. I was just beginning to have droopy eyelids

Alriana couldn't help but laugh. Stay awake, we wouldn't want the Admiral and the council made at you, she sent in a joking tone.
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