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Entrance to the Shadowlands

"Do you think I'll ever see it again?"

Juhani looked over at Jolee who was looking over the home that he had built in the shadowlands all those years again. Juhani handed the sleeping Ariana over to Mission. The cathar then walked over to Jolee and grabbed his hand.

"It's possible, but tell me: Would you really wish to come back to Kashyyk?" She asked quietly. "There are predators that stalk these forests and there is almost no sunlight at any time."

"You may be right...but this was my home for a long time. After awhile it grew on me...and now we may have to leave it forever."

Juhani gently pulled Jolee back towards the group and then let go of his hand once they reached the group. "Don't worry, I'm sure that one day you'll be able to return here...or you could take up traveling the galaxy once again."

Jolee sighed as he took a last look at his hut before looking back at Juhani. "Maybe I will...but if I do decide to travel the galaxy again, I'm going to make sure my next ship isn't a piece of junk like the last two were so I don't end up crashing again."

Juhani let out a soft laugh as they joined up with the others. She stopped for a moment as she felt a dark presence that was far away but was steadily closing in on them.

"I believe that our enemy has managed to locate us...but it doesn't make sense. He was badly injured after his battle with me and yet he seems as strong as he was when I first fought him." Juhani had a nervous tone to her voice. She knew that she had broken one of his legs and had probably broken a few of his ribs when her force assisted push had sent him flying through the railing...but at the rate he was closing in on them he could only have use of both of his legs.

Juhani looked up at the sky in confusion for a moment. The dark presence had stopped moving towards them.

Shiyra put a comforting hand on Juhani's shoulders even as she drew her lightsaber. "If there's one thing that I've learned from my battles with Mical it's that hes full of suprises. It's the reason so many of my friends were caught off guard by him."

Jolee was looking up into the air and he then ignited his own saber. "If I were you I would get on the lift and return to the surfa-, Jolee suddenly grabbed his head and gasped in pain as Juhani did the same.

Shiyra pulled her hand off Juhani's shoulder and ignited her lightsaber as she looked around to see if Mical was anywhere near them only to see nothing except a few tachs running around.

"What is it?! What's wrong?"

Jolee managed to raise his head up. "Deaths." He whispered. "Someone or something up there is killing everyone. The wookiees, the animals...they're all dying."

Jolee managed to get his senses about him and he rushed over to Juhani to help her. "I haven't had the time to teach her to block out this sort of thing." He said as he put his hands on her head and whispered so that only she could hear. "Come on lass...imagine a wall, a wall that no one can get through, use that as your shield!"

Juhani was whispering something under her breath, something that Jolee couldn't understand. "What is it? What are you trying to say?"

Juhani raised her voice slightly "I can sense them..." She whispered in a horrified tone. "I can sense each and every death Nobody is being spared."

Shiyra eyes widened in horror as she understood what was happening. "You mean...he's killing the wookiees?"

Jolee who was still trying to bring Juhani back to reality nodded. "Exactly. And from what I'm sensing he's not leaving any survivors."

"We have to help them!" Shiyra said urgently. "He folllowed us here and now the wookiees are paying the price for my foolish decision."

Jolee nodded his head as Juhani finally managed to bring her head back up. Hey eyes were filled with fear. "I can sense everything...the joy that hes taking from each and every death. The fear of his victims."

Shiyra motioned for Mission to come over by her. "As soon as we reach the surface I want you to head for the Hawk. Put Ariana in her crib and put the Hawk in lockdown mode. You've had practice flying the Hawk before right?"

Mission nodded. "Carth gave me lessons back when he was the pilot. I can pilot the Hawk but don't ask me to do any really complex piloting."

"Good." Shiyra said. "Keep the scanners on and if Mical comes near the Hawk I want you to take off and head for the closest republic friendly planet. It doesn't matter if I'm not on the Hawk, just make sure my baby survives."

Mission nodded even as tears came to her eyes. She turned to the others. "But what about Big Z and the others? Should I bring them along with me to the Hawk?"

Zaalbar grunted a negative. "I will not stand by while my father and those who live in my village are slaughtered! I will fight by my father's side until we drive this warrior away."

Juhani managed to get to her feet and she and Jolee looked at each other. Juhani narrowed her eyes. "The wookiees have always been kind to us. On occasion they have even left us food." Juhani looked over at Zaalbar. "I will gladly fight by your father's side as well."

Jolee nodded as well. "I've been living here for a long time. I used to help out the younger ones who got lost in the shadowlands. I won't let them be killed like this."

Shiyra felt tears roll down her cheek. She had came here to try and lose him, to lose him by hiding among the population. Her act of cowardice had brought destruction on the wookiees. "It's my fault that the wookiees are being killed. Count me in as well."

Both Juhani and Jolee shook their heads. "You have a child to look after. We can handle this."

Shiyra shook her head. "You don't know what he's capable of. He was able to kill my former crew without much difficulty. One of them was the leader of the mandalorian clans and he was one of the toughest men I've ever met. Besides...I'm the reason he's here."

Juhani and Jolee looked over her and shook their heads again. "I'm sorry lass, but I won't let your child lose her mother. Get to the Hawk and fly away as fast as you can."

The old man and the cathar both looked at each other and then force jumped onto a branch before jumping up onto another branch as they jumped higher and higher as Shiyra watched them as they quickly got out of sight.

She turned to Mission who was also watching the two of them until they were out of sight. "Mission...take Ariana to the Hawk. I'm going after them."

Without another word Shiyra jumped up on the branch above them and jumped from branch to branch until she was out of sight as well.

Mission turned to look at Zaalbar only to lose sight of him after a moment as he quickly climbed up the trunk of one of kashyyk's giant trees.

Stay safe Big Z...she thought as she ran to the lift and gently set Ariana on the floor of the lift as she pulled a few switches and the lift began to rise up off the forest floor."


Mical smiled as he managed to dispatch yet another wookiee with his lightsaber. He then quickly turned around and unleashed a massive amount of force lightning on a group of wookiee guards, killing most of them and sending a few of them flying off the edge of the railing.

I would normally consider this beneath my notice but if it draws Shiyra out of hiding then It will be worth it. These wookiees...I would rather blast them all with my ship but the echoes will draw her out eventually.

He was just about to cut down a group of wookiees who were running at him when he suddenly felt a sense of extreme danger. He quickly force jumped backwards as a violet lightsaber cut through the air where his head had been a moment ago.

He then brought his lightsaber up to block as yet another lightsaber came down on him from above him. This lightsaber was green. Mical had to admit he was abit suprised. He hadn't expected their to be another force user on this planet.

He turned to look at his opponets as they landed in front of him. He quickly looked over them. One was the mysterious being who had attacked him before, now that the mask was off he could see that it was a cathar. The other was an older dark skinned man with almost no hair.

"This is quite a suprise. I was expecting Shiyra to come after me, obviously the ripples I created through the force extended further then I thought." Mical said thoughtfully as he unleashed a stream of lightning at the old man who caught it on his blade.

Juhani narrowed her eyes at Mical. "You are going to pay for the deaths that you caused today." Juhani said angerly.

"I highly doubt that." Mical said with a dark smile on his face.
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