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i cant take screen shots?

im using a windows 7 laptop and every thing i read says to push the print screen button and it will show up in the game data folder but its not working

any ideas

Originally Posted by zambonizach View Post
Hello. I am new and i just got SWBF2 yesterday. My question is how do i crouch with Default controls? I have used advanced but it was too hard to use so i use default. How do i crouch with Default though? I really wanna learn to crouch. I don't care about rolling i just wanna crouch. I also LOVE SWBF2! It is the best Lucasarts game ever. This is a comment to Lucasarts: LUCASARTS YOUR THE BEST! SWBF2 IS AMAZING! EVEN BETTER THEN RENEGADE SQUADRON! I have SWBF2,SW Battlefront Renegade Squadron and SW Battlefront Elite Squadron! SWBFES (Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron) is for my DS, then i have SWBF2 for my PSP, and last but not least, SWBFRS (Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron) for my PSP! SWBF is the best series of games you have EVER made! I love them so much.
Bye everyone! Time to go play SWBF2!
normally you just push ''c''

when in game to look up controles push ECS go to options and then on the top right theres a controles tab you can then veiw and edit controles

hope this helps

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