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Okay, so I've browsed through and seen that others have had this issue, but when I use the installer, I get an error: " Error: Unhandled exception: Cannot create file "C:\Users\Dori\Downloads\modules\ship_tmp\aliencha tting.dlg". Access is denied (0)"
So I create the folder and run the installer again. Only it runs into another similar issue. I create that folder and run the installer again. Then it goes back to the first error. Like it clears the modules folder everytime I run the installer. I run the game for the hell of it and drix still isn't appearing (I've tried reloading my own post-Leviathan save and the BOS save).
Anyway, I finally figured that I just ought to manually install. So I do the manual install as instructed in the readme. It still doesn't work. So I'm just like... SERIOUSLY?
I'm only asking because I've done several clean installs, redownloaded the mod multiple times, and nothing is working. So if anyone has any idea what I am doing wrong (I'm sure it's me at this point), that would be very appreciated.
Oh, and one clarification that may make all the difference, the direction to "Copy everything else (With exception to nwnnsscomp.exe, nwscript.nss, GLOBALVARS.res, PARTYTABLE.res, SAVEGAME.sav, savenfo.res, and Screen.tga) and paste into the Override folder located in your SWKoTOR directory (If there isn't one, create one). " Does that mean EVERYTHING ELSE, not just everything else in the tslpatchdata folder?
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