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Impressive assessment Al_Ciao!

I agree with your conclusion regarding Palpatine. I would add that he did achieve immortality and that in my view, he would eclipse Revan in the first category of "indirect power" simply because of Order 66, which I think surpasses all political achievements in galactic history. The political posturing and trickery he needed to create the clone army and gather the power to wield it is mind-boggling. He turned the entire galaxy into a giant chess board and played both sides of the game, eventually moving things into a glorious checkmate. He destroyed a political institution that had been operating continuously for twenty-five millenia including during the height of Revan's power. Revan is the Hannibal to Sidious's Odoacer.

Do you feel that your argument about Luke's supremacy could be supported without the EU? Star Wars itself is the tragic story of Darth Vader, not Luke. In the grand scheme of the saga, Luke is a supporting character. That being said, I do agree with you that he appears to be the most powerful character in the Star Wars literary universe.

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