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Yep, Star Wars EU is basically a giant comic book series. Of course, for me, that's a good thing, because I happen to be one of those people who loves Beyond the Impossible comics and such. I may have the entertainment tastes of an 8 year old but... really, there's no but here.

The one thing I'm not crazy about is the inconsistencies. Of course, that's par for the course in DC and Marvel superhero comics as well.

As for Palpatine's plans within plans, you are probably right. I just like to imagine what would have happened if Anakin had stayed good and defeated Palpatine.

Which might have actually happened anyway; by obeying Mace Windu's orders to stay in the Jedi Temple, Anakin would have faced down his temptation. Of course, we can play hypotheticals all day long, but we can't really know, however many fanfictions may be written.

Perhaps, instead of debating who was the most POWERFUL Sith lord ever, we should be discussing who was the COOLEST Sith Lord ever. For me, the choices have to be Revan, Nihilus, and Vader. Bane is right up there, but the other three outstrip him.

Revan is just the bomb, for obvious reasons.

Nihilus has the whole disembodied spirit thing with the mask and incoherent powerful voice, with a ruined starship that somehow stays afloat.

And Vader is the original iconic Sith lord, what with the breathing, the choke, and James Earl Jones' voice.
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