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Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
Oh no no no a delay! :O
Nah I'm just kidding. This looks great Fallen! Keep up the good work aite?

Have an awesome vacation

Originally Posted by Darth Snard View Post
Looks great, though as a DLG editor of sorts, I must point out a few thing:
1: The line should read " They'll be here in bulks soon" not "in bulk".
2: The line "what the hell are you doing Twi'lek" should have a comma before the word "twi'lek. Same for "Kresh what are you doing?" There should be a comma after Kresh.
3:the line "You set off the alaram!?!" should be "You set off the alarm!?".

You're welcome for the little bit of dialogue I editted-in a way.

Other than those grammatical errors everything looks great.
Well, I'm pretty sure in bulk is the correct term there. I don't know how I missed the commas or the misspelling of alarm. But Snard, you missed some. When the PC says guaranteed the second time it is spelled wrong. But thank you all the same.

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