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I'm having a little difficulty when re-visiting the Orion as Shadow.
At first the problem was seemingly a common one; The lack of a battle scene and just being left with blaster fire and a black display.
After re-loading this problem was fixed and i was looking forward to further gameplay.
But then, when the Rodian crew member opens dialogue (Something like; ''Die kill Die kill Republic'', or something) it crashes straight afterward.
There is no conflict with other installs and i've already tried a BOS re-install in itself.
I hadn't saved for an hour or so, when the game crashed the first time i had to run it from the auto-save at this point.
Any help or suggestions?

EDIT: I decided to load a save further back, thus getting rid of the auto-save, in an attempt to see if the problem would continue to be recurring.
It didn't work and it did the same thing.
Then i got the ''black screen'' thing again.
I went to the options part, saved and loaded. In the thumb nail i'm standing naked with the Captain and Kayabushi?
But when i loaded it, it just did the same thing again.
What is wrong with this damn Rodian
Any suggestions would be much appreciated as i was really looking forward to getting to the end of this.
Please get back to me on this, i've been stuck for days now and i really want to continue playing.

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