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Star Wars will lose it's relevancy in our lifetime

people will lose interest if there's nothing worth being interested in

i can't believe he dropped the ball on the prequels man. another 3 classic star wars films?
wow that would have boosted it's relevancy for another three generations EASILY

think of all the characters, weapons, planets, scenes, lines...all the classic top tier **** that was in the classic films. That's the stuff that's been constantly referenced in pop culture and in conversation since the franchise debuted in '77

there's basically none of that in the prequels. So, less pop culture will spawn off the newer ****, and that means less people will be familiar with star wars. people can't just live off the original three films forever. It's not something that's easy to enjoy like the Beatles catalog or something. Film is entirely different.

God, it's insane. I hope he tries again with three other films, this time with competent top tier directors.
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