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((@ Fallen Guardian. I'm sorry to say that it's a secret for now, but don't worry, How he became so powerful will be revealed in upcoming chapters. @JM12, Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.))


Juhani and Jolee both warily watched their smiling opponent who seemed very much at ease among the bodies of the slain wookiees. His lightsaber which was glowing yellow caught an incoming bowcaster bolt and sent it flying back at the wookiee who had fired it, catching him in the neck and causing him to fall to the ground in a heap.

"The wookiees I killed weren't enough to draw the exile out." Mical said thoughtfully. "Perhaps it's because they were simply not strong enough in the force to cause a ripple...but perhaps your deaths will finally draw her out."

Juhani hissed in anger. "You murdered the innocent today. rest assured, you will pay for your crimes."

Jolee looked over at her and shook his head. "Don't give into your anger Juhani. He needs to be stopped but remember: You should only kill as a last resort."

Mical didn't give Jolee a chance to say anything more as he gathered the force around him and launched himself at Jolee who barely managed to jump out of the way. Mical stopped himself before he slammed into one of the destroyed huts and instantly turned around just as Juhani jumped up into the air and brought her lightsaber down on him. Mical couldn't help but smile as he easily managed to deflect the blade. Before Juhani could launch another attack, Mical unleashed a massive wave of force energy that sent the cathar flying through the air towards the railing.

Before Juhani could fly off the side of the walkway, Jolee grabbed her through the force and managed to alter her path so that she wouldn't fly off the walkway, instead the cathar hit one of the huts and slid down to the ground in a heap.

Mical looked down at the cathar who was now out cold and then turned to Jolee and smiled at him.

"One down." He said with just a hint of glee. Jolee force jumped backwards and began to focus the power of the force into his free hand. This was going to be a difficult battle. Was this the "Mical" that he had been told about? It didn't really matter to Jolee, whoever this was had managed to take down Juhani and that was no small feat. Jolee and Juhani had fought their share of dark force-users before and they had never fought someone like this before.

"Now what could an old man like you think you could do against me?" Mical taunted. The cathar had proven to be only a minor difficulty and the old man most likely wouldn't be much of a problem either.

"You'll find that with age comes experience." Jolee said as he unleashed a stream of force lightning at Mical who was unprepared for the attack. The dark force user shouted in pain as the lightning wracked his body. Mical, despite the pain he was in gathered the force around him and smiled at Jolee.

"Bad idea."

Mical unleashed a massive wave of force energy that broke Jolee's concentration and sent him flying directly into one of the massive trees that grew on Kashyyk.

Jolee Bindo hit the ground without even a whimper.

Mical was breathing heavily as he struggled to stay on his feet. The combination of the force lightning that had hit him and the force wave he had used to knock Jolee out of the fight had taken quite a bit out of him. He couldn't help but smile though. The two jedi had underestimated him and now they would die. Now...which one would he kill first? Such a difficult decision.

He looked over at the cathar who was now awake and was struggling to summon her lightsaber to her hand. Mical smiled as he slowly walked towards her.

" the mighty have fallen." He said as he looked down at her. Juhani looked back up at him with defiant eyes that had no fear in them.

"You may have defeated me once..." Mical said quietly. "But I learn from what few mistakes I've made. I will not give you a chance to ruin my plans for the exile."

Juhani looked up at him angerly as he brought his boot down on her lightsaber as she continued trying to summon it her. Mical continued smiling even as he applied pressure and crushed Juhani's lightsaber with his boot.

Juhani looked down at the ground. "End it coward."

Mical brought his lightsaber up and prepared to bring it down on her head. "Gladly."

Just as Mical was about to bring his lightsaber down on the cathar's head he heard the sound of soft cloth boots hitting the walkway behind him. He turned around and smiled plesantly at the robed figure who had stopped walking as was simply staring at him.

Shiyra stepped out of the shadows and stared at the bodies that littered the village. "Mical..." She said in a shocked voice. "What have you done? I didn't thinkl that you could possibly do this."

Mical looked down at Juhani and then kicked her in the head, knocking her out cold again. He then turned to Shiyra and smiled that same plesant smile at her. "It's really your own fault Shiyra. You should know by now that wherever you go, I will follow. It was simply bad luck on the wookiee's end that you decided to seek refuge here."

He kicked one of the wookiee bodies out of the way as he slowly began walking toward Shiyra as he reignited his lightsaber. "Are you finally ready to die Exile? After all running and hiding you've done are you finally ready to die knowing that once you and your allies are gone the darkside shall reign supreme?"

Shiyra simply stared at the ground. Why should they even try to fight a monster like Mical? Someone who always seemed to survive no matter what happened.

Mical smiled at her again. He couldn't resist throwing in one last taunt. "As soon as I dispose of the twi'lek guarding your daughter I think I'll take her for myself. You should be proud Shiyra, your daughter is going to be the first in a new generation of sith."

That last comment seemed to break through Shiyra's feeling of despair. "What did you say?" She whispered quietly. as she looked up at Mical. He hand was nowhere near her lightsaber.

"You heard me exile. Your daughter will become my student."

Mical had no idea what hit him next.

Shiyra's lightsaber came flying to her hand and Mical barely had time to bring his own saber down to block against a strike that nearly took off his head. Shiyra's lightsaber strikes seemed to come from everywhere at once and Mical was barely able to keep up.

Shiyra force jumped backwards and Mical was almost sent flying backward as she unleashed a massive force wave that he was barely able to defend againt. He looked up at her and was barely able to jump backwards before her saber cut through the air where his head had been a moment before."

"How...?" He muttered in amazement as Shiyra began to gather the force to her free hand.

"You make on fatal mistake Mical." She said as she unleashed a powerful stream of lightning at Mical who was barely able to catch it on his lightsaber. "You took Atton from murdered the crew that you once served with and you've killed countless innocents. Everyone has a breaking point Mical." She said quietly. "And I've just reached mine. You will never touch my daughter as long as I live."

Mical looked at her. For the first time in a long time he felt something he thought he would never feel.


I need to get out of here come up with a plan. he thought urgently as he quickly pulled the sleeve of his robe up and tapped a control panel. He looked on with fear as Shiyra slowly walked towards him, her expression was one of extreme anger.

Just as she was about to reach him Shiyra suddenly turned around as the sound of engines filled the air. A dark shape filled the air and shiyra force jumped into the air as laser blasts echoed through the otherwise silent village where she had been standing just a moment ago. Mical sighed in relief as he used what was left of his strength and force jumped up onto the ship and quickly settled in the pilot's seat."

"There will be a reckoning exile." He shouted over the sound of the engines. "The next time we meet...only one of us will survive."

The small fighter took off into the atmosphere and Shiyra deactivated her lightsaber as she looked around the village.

"Your right Mical...the next time we meet only one will survive." She said quietly as she looked over the ruins of the wookiee village. "But this time...the innocents will not suffer because of my decisions."
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