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Make No Assumptions

Mandalorian Wars: Revan blows up at Malak

The piece was welll done, albeit a bit confusing. Revan is portrayed as having been crippled (Missing part of an arm and one foot) and definitely sarcastic.

How Malak Lost His Jaw
Bald as Malak

Mandalorian Wars: Malak relates why he cut off his own jaw

Another reviewer made the one comment I would have made; that this reads like a history lesson. I agree with that reviewer that the ending, while necessary, was emotionless, giving us nothing of his feelings.

The Heart Never Forgets

Post KOTOR: Bastila says goodbye to Revan one last time

The piece flows very well, the vision as crisp and clean as the other scenes. The end is typical 'soon to be a legend' you see in all heroic fiction.

Pick of the Week

Two Minds

Post KOTOR: As Revan and Terra fight over the body they inhabit, Terra makes one last request

The piece flowed well, and the ending, while expected, was perfect.

Pick of the Week

Ajunta Pall-I

Before Ajunta Pall's Defection: The source of his fall was right inside the archives all along

The piece is written diary style, and is thought provoking in that the Sith records he researches are in the archives all along. It reminds me of scenes from the book The Keep by F. Paul Wilson where the main character explains that the reason you keep grimoires of Black magic is because that way you have a refernce point as to when the magic goes dark.

Pick of the Week


Post KOTOR: You have to prune the Jedi somehow...

The piece has this 'we're going to clean house' feel to it, and HK47 made it sure it would be bloody and efficient. As others have pointed out, Lassilia and 'Timmy' being down the well fits for those of us that are older.

Cadillac Cowboy

At Malchor V: Regardless of cost the Mass Shadow Generator is to be activated

The piece reminds me of history:

In case you have not read my own “Return From Exile over at Lucasforums, it is an interesting fact that as the components for the first Uranium bomb were being flown to Tinian for the Hiroshima bomb, the first ever plutonium bomb was set to explode in New Mexico. Before that bomb was set off, and fully a week before the first operational bomb was dropped, a number of the scientists that had developed them delivered to Robert Oppenheimer their worst prediction; that setting off either bomb would set off a reaction in the atmosphere that would devastate half the planet. As we all know, the first 'Trinity' bomb was set off, followed by Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and fifty odd set off by both sides during the next two decades.

But picture that officer, told of the possible destruction of the entire planet as he says, 'Go for launch...'


KOTOR: The crew comments on footwear...

The piece covers every major character, yet leans toward 'I like it this way' on each set of shoes.

The Blue Side of the Farce

Tsl on Peragus: You have got to be kidding me!

The piece revolves around of all things, an introductory song. After reading and parsing it my question is why lead off with a song?


During Mandalorian Wars: Bastila's first mission forms the woman she will become

The piece has all of the odd views of Bastila; moping like the lovelorn teenager she is, violent when they try to rape her, aghast that perhaps Revan did not love her, and determined to succeed.

Lego Star Wars Episode 1 Going to the Moives

No era given, so no one can be blamed: The Lego Star Wars Characters go to the premier of the first movie.

I was amused through what I did read. The characters are too busy being juvenile to get anything done, and throwing poop at Yoda and Anakin on the screen while they're dancing fit well with what you expected. I had to quit reading when the projectionist (Jar-Jar) decided to settle the audience down with cannon fire.

Feeling the Force

Long before KOTOR: In retrospect, Revan explains how the Force works to a small degree, and tells of his first conscious use of the Force

The piece flowed well, and the explanations of how two Force abilities work very well conceived. He also suggests that there are bad midi-chlorians and good ones; explaining why Force powers of the different sides are hard to use.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
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