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Juhani side-quest after the Leviathan

I'm afraid I let the Juhani side quest drag out for too long...

One thing is unclear though: most say you should wait until after the Leviathan before triggering the encounter with Xor. But does that mean you still should have completed all the conversations with her before?

I think I'm missing just the last one. She already told me about her dad being killed in a bar fight and how the Jedi freed her. But I completed the Leviathan, and now i'm afraid it's too late: I had the conversation about me being Revan and all and the missions screen doesn't mention anything about her side quest anymore...

This sucks, I'd have to go back all the way before the Manaan star map and I'm obviously not willing to just for a single side quest.

So, is it actually too late? If so, can I solve this by manipulating the save game via the KSE?
(without screwing up everything)

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