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"I would love to join you for dinner and I would love to meet kailanni. Believe it or not I don't get to see children that often."

Jun-la returned the smile with one of her own. She replied, "I am pleased. We will expect you tonight. Even if the rest of this day goes badly still come."

"If I would have known that you had someone following me I would have stayed low and not have drawn attention to myself. If I had done that perhaps you wouldn't have lost him."

Fen'Harel frowned slightly at the Jedi's apology. He replied, "There is nothing to apologize for young one. Our order has always served to protect the Jedi. Xandros was following orders. You weren't supposed to know."

Tavaryn chose at that moment to speak. He said softly, "Shinigami are to stay in the shadows. If we must become visible, then we do so in a manner that one would assume we were just another person in the crowd. It is our duty to use whatever means necessary to protect who is under our charge."

"Indeed young one," Fen'Harel added. "Tis not your fault."

Very bad memory. One set during the jedi purge.

Tavaryn resisted the urge to stiffen. He still felt bad that he had brought that up after Geonosis and often if he had to make reference to it, he was vague. He replied, You want to 'talk' about it?

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