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Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
I have to admit that the article makes EMI sound mint, and in all honesty I've never truly hated EMI and actually had quite some fun with it — it just simply fails to match its predecessors in my vault of happy memories, and I suspect that's in large part due to its intentional diluting of the pirate theme.
I agree fully with you Thrik, even though I like the idea behind the pirate buy out. It maybe didn't belong or it could have been better executed, but I was definitely more interested in the story than CMI. Elaine was also just botched and turned into sitcom nagging wife, which wasn't very funny or clever at all, but I can get past that. Unfortunately the author of the article seems to think Elaine was nagging every game before EMI but I have no idea why.

I think what ruins most of EMI for me is just the bad art direction. It's a shame because the music is so great and it doesn't mesh with much of the visuals in the way that Curse does. There's so much ugly 3D in Escape that is worse off than Grim Fandango and was inexcusable at the time. So sure, in game and whatever, but the cutscenes were using the same models. If at the very least the wanted to keep the game flowing by using the low poly models in the cutscenes, they could have at least upped the res of the textures in those scenes. The pixels all over Pegnose Pete's face are just shameful and distracting.

There's just too many instances of bad or hastily put together graphics. Grim Fandango's cutscenes always came off as elegant and used somewhat higher poly models in some places (not to mention great backgrounds all around) for a game that came out two years
before EMI on the same engine.

Personally, when I play an adventure game, impeccable art direction is one of the most important aspects. The writer says the backgrounds are still gorgeous, and while some are, it often looks very chunky or plastic like, especially in all of the shops.

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