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[KOTOR] mods in conflict.. help needed please

Jedi From The Start v0.6 - Darthbdaman
All in One Force Powers v3.0
Good/Evil/Blonde Bastila - svosh
Fett Style Mandalorians for K1 - Team Fett
Kamino Eugenics Chamber1 - Redhawke
Male Head Pack - Inyri Forge
Mara Jade 2.0 - miro42
RHMission Jedi - Redhawke
RHMission Jedi2 - Redhawke
Revans Robes Revisioned - Sithspecter, johnathan7
Power Overwhelming - NiuHaka
Xia Terashai - ChAiNz.2da, Redhawke
Brotherhood of Shadow Mod
Brotherhood of Shadow 1.1 Mod
Every Female Head by Darth_Jaden

Ok, those are the mods i've installed, following readme instructions, kotortool, GFFEditor etc, and were installed prior to starting a new game.

1. OMG thankyou, i've played this game 'as is' many times over the years but found the mods section a short while ago.. yeay! ;

2. Some of the mods only kinda work, as follows

a. so far any Mandalorian wearing Grunt armor has a Zabrak head, including Garth if wearing Grunt and are almost unkillable by (3) lvl 14 Jedi

b. Mandalorian boss on Tatooine and Canderous both share same tan-skinned bald headed head and I have yet to last with (3) lvl14 jedi longer than 34 seconds against the dual-lightsaber wielding boss

c. did recieve stuff in plasteel cylinder, but the eugenics chamber itself is an 'energy ring post' like the one found in the last Sith temple on Korriban

d. there is no additional planet, but using the BoSSR save game the planet there is is a white square, shows a blank screen when clicked on, and when traveled too walking out of the Ebon-Hawk is like walking out into pitch blackness, no screen whatsoever, just a game cursor

e. some of Juhani's stuff shows up in inventory as a white square picture, although description is there as well as actual item worn

f. can't seem to get the horns to work/show and the Zabraks look a little.. well odd, without them

i'm sure some of these may have been answered already in other posts, but well i'm new and just a little lost in this


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