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I could live with EMI if it looked like **** but was fun to play. I could live with it if it disregarded the previous games in order to tell a truly great story. But in my opinion the writing is so awful that it is impossible to engage with the game, even if you disregard the narrative choices.

It's schizophrenic. Who the hell was eager to see Otis again? He was a throwaway character from the first game; his purpose was served. Yet here he was, back on Melee Island, a little piece of fanservice at the expense of the PS2 newcomers. "A nice treat for the people who played the first game," thought Stemmle. Here is a man who apparently never actually figured out how to get inside the monkey head in SOMI, or perhaps he just plain forgot what was in there - and if Stemmle forgets, then I guess everyone else does, right?

I mean, people are entitled to like EMI, but don't sit there and tell me it's a good game. No-one wants to screw around with series canon unless they have a valid reason to do it - and the EMI guys didn't have a good reason, they were just too stupid and/or lazy to think of a way to tell their dumb story without pissing all over the first game. And sure, fine, okay, it's just a comedy point-and-click, not the sequel to Citizen Kane or something, but why does that mean they should get a free ride?

As far as I'm concerned, if you're a writer and you get given a sequel, one of your fundamental responsibilities is to marry your work to what has gone before. Take it in new directions, focus on specific aspects that interest you, whatever - but if you say to yourself "**** it, no-one will remember or care about that established stuff, I can do whatever I want" then you're not only a bad writer, but you're a lazy ******* too.

EMI can suck my balls.

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