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Some of this stuff has been exhaustively discussed on the official forums if you look for it. Many have also had dev responses to. A couple in here I did not comment on, and that is because I can't remember if we have a dev response on or not, even though I know they won't be at launch. Some were so silly I had to comment anyways. Be careful when surfing the official forums to NOT drink the kool aid please. I also ask that you take into account this is not intending to be a personal attack toward anyone here. I do take some freedom in expressing my opinions on some of the topics.
  • Swimming (1)
  • Third party addons (2) (Not at launch)
  • Minigames like Pazaak, Sabac or Holo-chess (3) (Not at launch [Though this may change on this one from rumors])
  • Dual spec (4) (Not at launch, but there has been an outcry for this one)
  • Day/night cycles (Not at launch)
  • Non humanoid based playable races (You do realize that non-humanoid means not bipedal and upright right? This one is just dumb...)
  • Multiplayer space content
  • 3d space combat (Not at launch, and there have been enough complaints we can probably expect a JTL like fix here.)
  • Choice of space ship chassis
  • Decoration mechanic for personal ships (5)
  • Pod & Swoop racing
  • Player bounties (Why? So BHs again have more content than every other class? I admit, it was fun in SWG, but we all had a second toon for that.)
  • Companions in Warzones (Well tbh I like this one) (Done for balancing reasons)
  • Animal based pet classes (Every class is a pet class... we have companions... Did you really want to play Star Wars to be a bantha herder?)
  • Resources for crafting does not have quality (6) (A lot of beta testers have been raving about the crafting system. There are still critical successes and the chance to reverse engineer items to make them better or find new schematics.)
  • Guild leveling system (cf WAR) (7)
  • Animal mounts (8) (You do realize that these were usually being used by the indigenous population in every movie, and Ben just grabbed one because he needed it at that moment right? Who would actually choose to ride an animal when speeders are available?)
  • Flying mounts (10) (Um... we have space ships...)
  • Large (20vs20 - or more) multiplayer PvP Warzones (9)
  • PvP Arenas
  • Collision detection between characters
  • [new] Macros (16)
  • Barber / Image Designer (11)
  • Appearance tabs (12)
  • Fishing (13)
  • [new] Guild "Tabard" (14) (I'm sorry, did Han and Luke where matching outfits and none of us noticed?)
  • [new] Multiplayer mounts (15) (Space ship)
  • [new] Racial Abilities (Game balance issues.)

What else (not confirmed):
  • Gear Dyes? (Gear will have an option to match chest piece only)
  • Planetary housing? (At launch your ship will be your home. There has been some discussion about guild capital ships though by the devs...)
  • Display pets? (Vanity pets are available [droids mostly])

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