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Originally Posted by mr_dad View Post
Looks good. But wans't decklan the name of that one guy from the Star Wars Revelation film?
I have no clue, I just always liked the name Declan, but it looked boring without the k :P

Originally Posted by Bob Ta'aar View Post
personally I can't really understand why someone would want to replace a Cathar with a Human, there are way too many human NPCs anyways. but that's just my personal alien-loving opinion.
good recruitment-mods can be very interesting, so keep up the ood work. although if you wanna see it through with VO, maybe a sidequest, ect. then the reskinning is by far the smallest part.
I don't recall saying that Decklan was human... currently he is, but I haven't made a permanent decision on that. :P

Also I know. That's why I got the reskinning out of the way. I'm going to do VO, side quest and all that good stuff. I've gotten all my .utc and .uti items made. All I've gotta do is script, add a new part of Korriban for Decklan's sidequest and then dialogue/journal entries. :P
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