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"That's what I was counting on. We'll just have to be careful about it. Remember what I said before about the cliffs."

Tonatius grinned at Kalla as he pulled out a harness and some rope, "That's what he have this for."

"Do you think we should tell my family and your family at the same time?"

Tonatius stopped short and almost tripped over his feet. He then said, "Well that was a quick change in topics. As to letting family know... Mother will be pleased and Taryn will be a lecher no matter what. It's up to you moi chroi."


I swear I'm not trying to laugh. But I will say this, the name handsome warrior doesn't do you justice. Don't worry, we're still going to visit Jun-la and Matton later, I just think whoever this is could use some brief advice from a fellow cryo-sleeper

Tavaryn looked at Alriana and frowned slightly but it was spoiled by a slight smile even though his face was still blushing as he sent, You are laughing at me and you'll be the death of me woman.

He then sighed trying to will his face to return to a normal color. It was always this way and one of the main reasons why the daughters kept pestering their fathers to invite him to the estates when he was on Avalon. Hearing the next portion from Alriana about the cryo-sleeper he sent, Just tell him that he's on a ship one hundred years in the future. That'll wake him up.

"Maybe just a little bit."

Jun-la looked at her uncle who was trying hard to be a good little soldier. She smirked at him and replied to Alriana in a whisper, "Good. After it is his fault about you know."

"I think I should be there as well. I had a very difficult time adjusting after I was woken up and this person whoever it is could most likely use some help adjusting."

Fen'Harel was observing the scene before him. It only proved that Tavaryn did have feelings for the Jedi that was pretending to be angry with him. It was a pleasant thing to see personally but he knew that such a thing could cause problems with the more traditionally minded members of the council. He replied in a knowing voice to Alriana, "Indeed just as Tavaryn was with you no doubt."

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