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Ok, this is what i have now.

uninstalled Kotor, not saving any prior games or added files when asked
new install of Kotor
new update from Bioware
fresh download of BoSSR from link listed in 'best mods' thread
fresh unzip of RAR file using latest copy of WinZip
new install of BoSSR using TSLpatcher
no new games, no started games, no other mods or scripts or skins etc

the BoSSR saved game still shows a small white square on the galaxy map, no planet
when selected, no planet picture views in travel window or name or any info on planet
select travel, game shows ebon hawk take-off movie, enters hyperspace
ebon hawk cockpit, me in orange robes, Carth in default stuff
all toons interactable as usual
exit ebon hawk... with or without others in party.. blank screen with game cursor, moving around and clicking everywhere on screen will eventually walk me back into ebon hawk party selection screen

ok, i'm lost. install log shows no conflicts or warnings or errors
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