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Is republic commando a first person shooter game! I never was good at the whole concept of what is a 3rd person shooter verus first person. I assume Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 were 3rd person shooter video games. It is probably the main reason why I never bought a x-box due to republic commando being first person. I watch the trailer for it and thought it looked different. I hope it isn't a republic commando video game! That means PC and X-box 360 would get another exclusive video game and PS3 star wars fans get what? Another Lego star wars game or another clone wars video game based off the tv series! No more clone wars video games based off the tv series!!

I want Star Wars Battlefront III

P.S. I heard last year that at one point the battlefront III was going to be online only game. God help us if that is the case! I only play single player.

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