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Red Eclipse on Ebon Hawk Crash

Possible spoilers!

I fight the red eclipse up until I get to the boss, I talk to him, tell him to go ahead and do his business except work under me, then give that original owner to him as a slave. After that, I guess it's supposed to load a cutscene, but that's where the crash happens. It also crashes when I load the auto-save on the ebon hawk during this event.

I'd like to know which numerics and/or booleans determine the red eclipse encounters, so I can try and bypass the whole thing. Or maybe even bypass nar shaddaa entirely, because I'm at the point now where the main character is captured by goto. I got the transponder codes already but now I need to go back to the ship and the red eclipse thing is happening that is stopping me.

The sequence is a big mess on my file, because I played without the restoration up until my second planet, then I put the 1.7 restoration in and I didn't want to start all over so I kept playing my file. It reset every trigger on nar shaddaa (even the map!) except kept me where I was otherwise. Weird...I just wanna bypass, can I have the KSE numerics to do this?
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