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You really are quite handsome and your one of the strongest people I've ever met. But it's not just those reasons that I love you. Your were kind and were willing to help me after I was woken up.

Glad that you think so highly of me, Tavaryn said as he caressed her cheek while continuing to give her kisses in all the places he knew that would incur a reaction. He kissed the nape of her neck and muttered, "And I could think of a few names that could describe how beautiful you are to me." He then took a step back and gave her one last kiss on her forehead.

"If you don't want me to, I won't make any more jokes about your name."

Tavaryn gave a slight smile. He replied, "The jokes won't ever stop as long as there is someone who knows. Just don't do it too often. My mother was lonely without my father and she always told me that I looked very much like him. Maybe she saw my future." He shrugged his shoulders.

Tavaryn then pulled his blade out. He would wait and see if he needed to use his lightsaber. He felt her distress before he saw her face. The look of horror had him worry. Few things scared her that badly. When she explained who they were, he asked, "Will you be all right?"


"Be careful, for all we know they may have already managed to get through the hanger bay and might already be in the corridors."

Jun-la had her lightsaber out and in her hand. It was a specialty blade that was not unlike her father's mother's blade. She held it at the ready and replied, "We'll watch your back."

Fen'Harel held his sword ready and followed the Admiral and the Jedi. He was getting a bit old for this but like the other council members, they had to have served and would be willing to be called into service at any time. He muttered, "Youth is wasted on the young."

Ackbar Hangar

"Listen, I have a plan. I need you to distract the bigger one until we can get a clear shot on him, Jedi Haltra should be here shortly and then she can help you take on the other one."

Andros listened to the plan. He saw that it would be risky but if he did manage to buy time for Jedi Haltra and her bodyguard, as he called him, to get there, there would be a chance. He nodded and ignited his lightsaber and came out. He shouted at the larger of the two force users, "Hey you there ugly! Why not pick on someone with a lightsaber for a change?"

((Hey Chev, what if the dark force users recognize the lightsaber that Tavaryn uses when he pulls it out? Just a wayward thought. They might know his father but not his mother...))

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