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Installation HELP!!!!! PLEASE!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Installation help?

I recently wanted to start playing the game again so, today, I tried to install it. It goes perfectly fine until it gets to 100% and asks if I would like a desktop shortcut.

After clicking yes it then asks for disc 4 to be inserted. At about 80% it asks for disc for anyway, so that disc is already in the drive.

I have taken it out and put it in again. Tried to direct it to the disc through the file path.

Nothing works. It just sits there asking for disc 4.

I have tried installing it about 4 times. I have restarted my pc. Everything.

The disc are in perfect condition. Literally new. No marks or scratches.

Does anyone know any fixes?

I am running off Windows XP service pack 3.

I will give more details if it helps.

I would really appreciate help!

Thank you!
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