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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
thanks for the update Deft!

(also FTR, I simply copied this, its not my research nor opinion although you are right your words do offend, but i try not to take offense at Internet people )
Nah Adam, I realized you copied and pasted that. My apologies if anything came off as offensive, it was not intended as such. If you religiously follow the official forums there is a LOT of bull in there. I can definitely see how some of my comments could be taken abrasively, but seriously, go read the official forums and see how many idiots are upset about the dumbest of things. Unfortunately, we can't fix stupid, but if anything on that list really deserves outcry it is probably these:
  • 3D Space Combat - Yeah, the rails thing is retarded, but they did have to leave themselves something for an expansion or two right? Not to mention the discussion of capital ships for guilds... yum...
  • No Dual Spec - This just seems ludicrous. I can't help but feel that the devs have some reason they are being sticklers here. They are going to be allowing respecs/AC changes for a cost, but specifics are being decided on. I.e. Number of respec limitation or level restriction etc. Dual spec would solve almost all of it.
  • Mini-games - Yeah, Sabaac and Swoop racing should be in the game, but again... an expansion option perhaps?
  • Release Date - 'Holiday 2011'? Either they want us to think it's Christmas so they can surprise us with Thanksgiving, or they want to say Thanksgiving but are afraid it won't be until Christmas... People, just make up your minds already. I would rather have been told nothing than been given that cryptic pile of uselessness.
  • Non-Customizable UI - Seriously? In this day and age we can't even move the boxes around or change the color?

Actually, after reviewing the list again I have more additions to it...
  • Collision detection between characters - <- Serious griefing tool. - "Excuse me while me and my guild block you into that corner there. We'll be AFK thxkbye." - "Oh, you need 'this' vendor? I'm sorry..." - "My apologies folks, but this flashpoint is down for maintenance." - You get the idea here...
    Fishing - So... someone actually wants to do this? Can we PLEASE get something better than fishing? I mean really... fishing.... that is sooooo incredibly Star Warsy... Not going to lie,. if Luke said, "Hey Han, can you grab my pole?" I am fairly certain Luke would have died in his trench run at Yavin IV...

As for all of the customization stuff... far too many people want this to be the second coming of SWG.... when it has already been declared, this is the second coming of KotOR. Yes, we had a LOT of great things in SWG, unfortunately, we had Devs that did things without really thinking them through. Bioware seems to be trying the opposite approach, and I think we will all be better off for it.

Originally Posted by Hallucination View Post
Show spoiler
I think I need to give you even more props for not just posting that, but not calling me out on my misuse of 'where' where I intended 'wear'. lol

Originally Posted by DarthJacen View Post
On the contrary, I have yet to see anything that suggests there will be multiple player ships in the same scene. It looks like an old arcade game.
This is accurate. Beta testers have leaked that you can have multiple people on your ship, but I don't recall seeing anything about actually doing space combat missions from the same ship. Maybe I'll send it as a question to betacake and see what we get.

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