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Originally Posted by Capibara View Post
Would you mind posting a more detailed read-me file or something like that, elaborating a bit more on the mod for those who don't know the tabletop version?
Ok so for more detail, basically most of the items got a price increase, replaced most of the items with the ones in the Star Wars d20 RPG books which has the affect of making ranged weapons more deadly but melee weapons are basically the same. The armor now has different levels of damage resistance instead of increasing defense.

For classes, most of the classes got slightly more feats but some feats are now not available to pick from for certain classes. The Jedi classes overall got slightly less powers but more feats, with consulars getting the most powers but few feats, with jedi guardians getting the most feats but few power choices, and sentinels get even amount of powers and feats. Also the class skills got changed for most of the classes. Ummm, thatís all I can think of for now.
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