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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
^This video explains the budget crisis pretty clearly. It also explains the point of the US government at its roots. It was never meant to be the engine for social programs, but rather, it was simply designed for protection of our basic rights.
Surely the most basic right is the right to food and/or health? After all freedom of speech doesn't do much good if your to sick to exercise it. As such it would seem the claim that it protects your "basic rights" seems somewhat strange, at least to me.

As a general observation of American politics, both Republicans and Democrats seem to try to use the constitution in different ways and then claim their way is the original way it was intended, where upon actual fact it would seem to me the founding fathers never envisioned it being used in either way.

@Topic, Taxes are a necessary evil IMO, how much you are taxed would depend on the type of society you wish to see. What a fair percentage is, is a rather had thing to say, although it does seem logical that the more you earn the more you pay in tax, although the increases in that always seem entirely arbitrary. I don't agree with VAT tax in the UK, which puts tax on all sorts of things, from clothes, to cars to food. My reason for disagreement is that it taxes the poor far more than the rich, an income based tax seems a more fair way forward IMO.

Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
If we're talking about the fair share in the current system, then we need to do an awful lot of shaving off the top. I don't believe any one person is worth millions, let alone billions, whilst people who are just as capable and probably more in touch with actual life struggle along on a low-five figure wage, if that. A top-heavy graded taxation system that doesn't stop at 100,000 pounds like our ludicrous British system does. Let's say that someone earning, or 'worth' (whatever this strange, unquanitifiable mechanism is), 1 million dollars/pounds/euros/whatever gets taxed 90% for starters, and 60% for 100,000, which for me is still pretty bleedin' generous.
So why bother trying to make lots of money if the government is going to take it all away from you? While I maybe a "liberal", I do think the Conservative assertion that the more you tax rich businessmen the less jobs they are able to provide does hold some reflection in reality.

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