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Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
In one country the system i mentioned wouldn't work, yes, because all the rich bastards would move abroad - heaven forbid they are able to buy a few less yachts. But this would ideally be implemented internationally, once the world government that will probably emerge, does.
Not sure why so much hate for the "rich" (which seems to be an elastic term that covers people even making less than $US250K/yr in our country). Part of the problem is that if you are in the group that makes 20% of the wealth in a country, but pay 40+% of the income taxes (never mind the money you also pay in consumption taxes, be it local/state sales tax, VAT or other) collected by your govt, you're not shirking your "fair share" of the burden. What responsibility do the "poor" (again, an elastic term) have in return for the money they take in any form of subsidy from the govt?

Originally Posted by Astor
That, and a tax as high as 90% would either lead to an even bigger increase in tax evasion, or would simply encourage them to leave the country for a tax haven.

I agree something needs to be done across the Western World to make things fairer, but I don't believe these so-called 'Robin Hood' taxes are the way to go about it.
Or become part of the fabled underground economy/black market. It's ridiculous to give over large chuncks of income to your govt and then watch them waste it and largely not be concerned about any real accountability (the prevailing sentiment seeming to be that it's "no-ones" money, so who really cares...). The world is full of people who probably make "way too much money" (sports and entertainment being prominent among them), but forcing them to give it over to pols who then squander it to buy their re-elections is no solution either. The "war on poverty" in America, despite the $trillions spent, seems to have been about as successful as the war on drugs.

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