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@J7: most of the empirical data I have seen support the idea that tax more=less investment, however, if it is investment you want, surley it's more efficient to either A: provide an incentive scheme to push the rich into investing or B: use the tax money to invest. Profits can be used for all sorts of things, investment is only one thing, and like mim said, in a downturn few want to invest.

Also, my reason for supporting consumption taxes is simply to internalize externalities.As an example, if you tax carbon at a flat (preferably high) rate pr tonn, this will make consumers pay for the damage the production of what they consume. You could always use the tax revenue thus earned for programs for the poor, or simply give everyone an equall share in cash.

@Astor: The threat of companies moving to tax havens is weaker than most think, those who stood much to gain have allready moved, and most studies I have seen show only a small corelation betwen increased tax rates and companies skipping country.

What responsibility do the "poor" (again, an elastic term) have in return for the money they take in any form of subsidy from the govt?
From my perspective, taxing the rich is not really something you do in return for the poor doing something for you. It's more a recognition that most people don't get the same opportunities to get rich, thus redistribution is simply a way to give everyone (more) equall opportunities. If the poor choce to take advantage of that by getting rich themselves, great, but if not, that's their choice.

but forcing them to give it over to pols who then squander it to buy their re-elections is no solution either.
I partly agree with you, sure a lot is spent "wrongly", however, assuming it's done in tha name of getting re-elected, it seems to me that they are simply implementing what people want. Thus, you could see giving the state more money as a way to give it the opportunity to help the poor, if it doesen't then I guess we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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