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Originally Posted by Crimelord View Post
I play the game everyday, I compete in the ESL leagues for jedi academy. The base community is strong and want to see an increase in players. All base servers are on TFFA mode because that's the competitive aspect of the game. Also we play base because ja+ and other mods ruin what makes the game's saber combat competitive. It makes blocks/range/parries/damages sketchy and too irregular and inconsistent. KEEP THIS GAME ALIVE, PLAY BASE, ENJOY IT!

I always enjoyed TFFA and CTF when I played. I believe that mods like JA+ did do more harm than good for the game. They basically created a culture that encouraged people not to fight in a 1st/3rd person action game.

The Movie Battles mod brought the competitive spirit that made Jedi Outcast so much fun to Jedi Academy. It was definitely my favorite mod back in the day. I really want to play some CTF again though!

I can't wait to get a new copy of the game so I can get back on!
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