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Originally Posted by Deft Aklin View Post
In an MMO environment I am usually less likely to take such freedoms. Anything that could potentially break the EULA and get me life banned isn't worth the time and effort. Or... that could just be an excuse because I have no clue what I'd do even if I could do that... which I can't. lol
Again, since the mod is client-side only and aesthetic at that, it doesn't break EULA. Look at the web site dedicated to MMO modding call ModSource.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
It's probably not a good idea to look at early footage as reference for how the game will turn out in its release date form considering the fact that the game has gone through several engine upgrades and major changes throughout its development process.

BioWare has stated several times that they've had to go back to the drawing board and start some aspects of the game from scratch over the years.
You are correct, but since, I only have their released footage to use, so far. That was all I can do.

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