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How come? Fans pay more attention to editing it?

I like wikis generally, but it's also true that it is edited by anonymous fans (or laymen). So if somebody has a question about some kind of "canon" in Star Wars, it's really no more reliable than my personal opinion.

My personal opinion is that Star Wars "canon" doesn't mean anything anymore. I figure the only reason LucasFilm or any of its affiliate companies or representatives still use the term is because they think it matters to certain fans. Somehow Star Wars stuff is "better" if you call it canon. If the original idea was that you had this one continuus story that all fit together as one tale with consistent characters, that hasn't been true for a long, long time. Just as Lucas tinkered with the story as he went along making the films, so too has the EU been tinkered with and adapted as time went on, though the biggest shakeup took place when the Prequels were released. I guess you could say that there was some semblance for "canon" at some point in the late 90's when the EU guys first started trying to coordinate each others stories and characters. But that sense has gone out the window as the sheer amount of Star Wars material has proliferated since that time and again with the prequel shakeup.

So for me calling something "canon" in Star Wars is pretty meaningless. It doesn't make the story better, because it's always retroactively so. You just look at the most recent story and reinterpret everything based on that. If I read a story and it sucks, I don't pay attention to it. I suggest any fan who doesn't want to get insane trying to make sense of it all do the same.

Look at the continuity of King Arthur or Highlander to see how hard it is to make sense of a fictional universe if we try to read it all as "one story."

So back to Wikis, they are only as accurate as the people who are updating them. They're not in any way "official." But they can be helpful as a starting point on most topics, but never the final worse, or a substitute for actual research.

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