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after reading ALOT of different posts, someone posted that linebreaks were fine when added, but was important not to add spaces in lines as that may disrupt the script. is it possible that winzip inadvertantly is adding spaces? asking cuz i started a new game to see how it is running... and just met Canderous.. a grey-skinned tatooed twilek female, and b.starkiller? who is now represented as a dark green rodian wearing maleks armor. i had added a couple of other mods from the previous listing using only KMM or the supplied TSLpatcher. this is driving me nuts!

I just finished 2 things.. reading all of the bugs in silveredges original BoSSR post.. some bugs close, but not quite same as mine. he did mention a manual install.. so i did that, exactly as written. same result.. mo moap planet just a white square.

second thing i did was look at every single .tga in the tsldata folder, fully 1/3rd of them are pure white.. blank, no picture even though title lists as a wall section or lights etc

so, it it my copy of winzip? or is the upload file corrupted?

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