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Had a little problem earlier; every time Itried to open the column, I got a database error. Sorry about the delayed posting.

The Coruscant Entertainment Center

Code geass lost colors: love fever
Revan sama

NonSW Fiction set in Code Geass: A sick girl is nursed by her love

The piece is a bit confusing, but well done regardless. You had an additional unnecessary word when you had him hold her hand more (Not necessary) stronger.

Extreme Prejudice
The Count of Tuscany

Republic Commando set when the Jedi Temple was destroyed: The three survivors of Delta Squad take a hand

Except for the addition of Delta squad, the piece is a generic retelling of the fight at the temple.

Kendoka Girl

At the End of the Mandalorian Wars: Revan embraces the dark side even as she slays Manda'lor

The piece flows well and only having read two segments I wish I had time to read it all. As both Karen Traviss and I have done, the author embraced the will of the Mando'a and made them something beyond cardboard cut outs of evil. The characterization of the Mando'a is like a newly cut diamond, rare and perfect.

Pick of the Week

A Call to War

Pre KOTOR: Just an average day in the life...

The piece give us a look at the characters before the war intervenes. Each appears like a newly minted coin.


Post TSL: What does the Exile want?

The piece is a look into the Exile's mind. As she comments, everyone seemed to want something from her, except for Bao-Dur, who had what he wanted already.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Revan Jast

KOTOR Starting on the Endar Spire: The adventure begins

Basically a generic repetition of the story, the author tended to use the wrong word, and forgets conversation breaks.

Holy Oceans of Bacon
Revan's Split Personality

KOTOR aboard the Ebon Hawk: As the last line goes, some things are better left unsaid

The piece starts with a whimsical thought and goes rapidly downhill from there. The dream might be defined as a nightmare, though I think being attacked by an ocean of bacon is a bit much...


The Steel Tomb

KOTOR aboard the Star Forge: Revan and Bastila end their fight

The piece is short, too short to get a good feel for the author's style. The scene is well done, with a good view into the mind of both characters.

The Liar

Pre KOTOR: Saul Karath prepares his betrayal of Telos

The piece is a well done in depth look at a secondary character. Saul comes across a little uneasy about what he is doing. As the author points out, in naval combat you are not killing people, you're killing a ship, and that makes it feel cleaner somehow. Unlike his subordinates, this disturbs him, and this comes across very clearly. Another interesting aside was the idea that Carth was not living with his wife any longer.

Pick of the Week

Midnight Hawk

During KOTOR, no specific location given: A thread of denial

The piece covers the characters well, and give an instance where they admitted denying something. The sections give in depth looks into them, making them come to life albeit briefly.

Death and Denial

Pre KOTOR on Korriban: How Selene died

This is not covered often and my favorite part was having her literally kill herself by running right up to the Terrentek. Her last words fit the scene perfectly.

A Cathar, A Princess, and Buttercups

Post KOTOR on Coruscant: Juhani decides to make an interesting friend

The piece is short, but the idea of a Juhani/Bastila friendship is intriguing. Having Bastila play with the force like a youngling is a funny picture.

Death: The Final Frontier

KOTOR on the Star Forge: In the final confrontation with Carth, they both lose

The piece is sweet and to the point. Revan is dark lord enough to kill her lover, but the part of her who loved him is strong enough to poison that well. Considering what was going through her mind Bastila killing her was almost a mercy.

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