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Grapic & Control

Hi there,

I just downloaded KOTOR through steam. The game loads up and i can create my character and such.

Just after the first cutscene (which plays fine) i meet the first character but then i cant control my character. I can use the camera but i cant move. also it keeps talking to the first NPC without me even pressing anything.

The graphics are all screwed up aswell. they are kind of like this ( )but not exactly. the screen is really dark no matter how i much i play with the brightness.

Ive tried every setting in the grapgics menu and none of them help.

Im not very computer minded sorry. I know im running XP 32bit and i think i have an ATI radeon 3600 graphicss card but im not 100%.

If anyone could help me with this i would be greatly apreaciative
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