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"And if you remember Admiral, we Avalonians live quite a long time."

Belina couldn't help but crack a slight smile. "Don't remind me." She muttered under her breath.

Belina was waiting for the moment when she would able to take a shot. She watched the dark jedi carefully, even though she wasn't force sensative she could tell that the two of them were playing with the solders and jedi who were in the hanger.

"Garja." She said quietly. "Stop firing at them and wait for them to leave themselves exposed. Otherwise they're simply going to keep deflecting those blaster bolts back at us. Wait for the right moment."

"Yes Admiral."

"That's putting it mildly. I'll be heading out now. The more who know how to tangle with Fore Users, the better."

Garja couldn't help but smile. The odds were starting to turn in their favor. Two jedi, Shinigami and what remained of the security teams were left and their were only two dark jedi. They were highly trained he had to admit but sooner or later they would make a mistake.

The dark jedi who had been holding Andros suspended in the air turned around, his eyes were blazing with hatred and was about to hit Tavaryn with a barrage of force lightning when he saw the lightsaber that Tavaryn was using. He nearly dropped his saber from suprise but managed to get his composure back.

"Tell me boy...where did you get that lightsaber? The dark jedi asked mockingly. "I've seen that lightsaber before, if you want a merciful death you will tell me where you got it."

"Then it will be a lot longer."

The other darksider smiled. "So you say." He said as he gathered the force around him and launched himself at Tavaryn, he began to strike at him using both blades, constantly keeping one blade to defend the other one to attack.

Moi chroi, when you see an opening, check on the boy.

Understood. Alriana sent back as she prepared to gather the force around her so that when the two dark jedi were fully distracted she would be able to get to Andros.

Ruins of the Visio

Inside the last remaining Cryopod, there was movement as the wires that connected them to the power core were knocked loose by the battle outside. Though the body was starting to move, the mind was just starting to wake up and notice the battle outside.

Destruction...death...wake up...need to wake up...WAKE UP!

Inside the pod, the figure's eyes opened and the sound of a lightsaber igniting. A small hole appeared in the door as the lightsaber as the figure began to cut through.

Sith...They have awoken. Time to finish what I started.
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