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Revenge of Revan: Demo (Beta)

Revenge of Revan Demo (Beta)

1.08 gigs Zip (1.99 gigs unzip)

The mod is a sequel to The Knights of the Old Republic 2 (Sith Lords).

The game takes place 8 years after kotor2 where you will find the Jedi Order starting to rebuild as they find their place in the Republic that has been absent of the Jedi Order for some years.
An event on Corellia will set events in motion as you try to unravel this mystery before its too late.

RoR is a stand alone original story that allows you, the player, to continue your saga with whatever choices you made in kotor1 and kotor2 whether you use the canon setup or your own personal version.
The mod is a bridge between kotor2 and TOR. You will see cameos and interact with some former characters from kotor1 and kotor2, depending on your choice setup.

New Features:

Well over 50 PC heads including aliens with the ability to wear head gear.

Species optional based attributes setup.

Around 2 hours of gameplay

There is a new Lightsaber Creation system as well as the old looting/inventory system will be tweaked and allow more crafting. Also within the Lightsaber Creation System is a Progressive lightsaber/hilt system which will allow you to follow certain progression trees as you advance in levels and hilt design. This system will be user friendly and allow the player to switch from one progression tree to another with out a penalty.

A New Trust System which will be connected to the existing Influence system for kotor2. You will have moments to gain and lose Trust with party members. If you gain enough Trust then you will be able to Influence their alignment as seen in kotor2.

Dialogues will not be simple black and white in the area of receiving Dark Side and Light Side points. With the newly added motive feature the player can actually do something that is considered nice to manipulate a NPC and gain Dark Side points. The player will have a ( ) similar to when a player can show they are going to lie but in RoR you will have options in the ( ) for example: Diplomatic, Aggressive, Empower them/encourage, Manipulate/control. These will lead to dialogue that match your motive during the conversation.

With these new features and RoR's new NPCs, modeled and skinned by Redrob41, which not only include Party members but even mid to high level NPCs.

In the Demo some of these features are only introduced and not fully active based on story and game play layout. The next installment will see all of these functioning and being used through out the game on a larger scale.


This is a work in progress so not all the human VOs are in the game, there will be a VO patch released later.

This is a link for now till its reviewed and up at deadlystreams.


Video/audio install direction is coming soon.

Logan23 (Tom)

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