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Should we give feedback here?

Anyways so far I have come across one bug with the Launcher. the X-axis is not set correctly so all the words such as Game, Register, Options, etc are too far to the left.
I looked at the Launcher configuration settings and they are all set to 49 when they should be 209 or 210.

Another bug or probably not a bug but just a curiosity killed the cat sort of thing, anyways when you go to the Holo News with the twilek and if you click on the option that says "something something something (not in beta)" the conversation ends and the twilek remains standing there. If you use the news thing again a new twilek and the previous one never disappears. (I am not sure if the previous one will disappear or not if you leave and reenter a area)

Last thing I found. May have just been a random crash, I was in the cantina and there is a guy in a Czerka outfit with his bodyguards if you try to talk to the hologram dancing twileks they are watching the game crashes. (Or at least it crashed for me)

Last thing which probably isnt a bug. At the beginning cutscene with the conversation between the General, Chancellor and Senator are they supposed to have voice overs cause I thought the music was a bit loud yet there was no dialog. Also that scene was running at a resolution which made it hard to read the dialog at the bottom.

Other than that I have had fun with it so far.

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