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Ackbar Hangar

Komad immediately sent a Force Push at the Dark Jedi that holding his son in the air. Whether or not he tried to block it, it would break his concentration and allow Andros to break free. He then turned to the other Dark Jedi, and asked, "Do you have any idea how long you've been in stasis?"


As soon as Tonatius made it to the bottom, Kalla pulled the rope down, and said to him, "Two things: First, does it seem to you like it's been too easy so far? And second, I'm bossy?"

She then opened the door leading into the palace, only to find a squad of Sith Troopers and an irate looking Sith Lord on the other side.

"Jedi, you didn't honestly think this passage was still a secret, did you?" The Sith Lord asked.

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