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"Do you have any idea how long you've been in stasis?"

The Dark jedi that was staring at Tavaryn's lightsaber looked over Tavaryn without looking over at Komad.

"Of course we do. We managed to hack into the scout ship's computer and compared the date we came out of statis with the date that the jedi or whatever he is managed to overpower us and put us in stasis. For us it's been around a hundred years. But that's fine, we also read up on the enemy that your resistance is fighting. A new sith stronger then Palpatine's sith empire could ever dreamed of being. But if we wish to join the undying sith empire...we'll have to prove ourselves. And what better way to prove ourselves then to either capture or kill one of you."

"I've had offers of merciful death before. If you could call it that. This lightsaber belonged to my father. What is it to you?"

The darksider continued staring at Tavaryn. "I fought the man that used that lightsaber back before we were frozen. One of the few who managed to get away from us. We never could find him after that first battle."


The lightsaber that was cutting through the door stopped moving for a moment as the door finally fell away from the pod. The figure who was still obscured by the shadows from the wrecked ship stepped out of the pod and force jumped up through a hole in the top of the ship and landed directly behind the shorter of the dark jedi who was about to launch another attack at Tavaryn. The shorter dark jedi sensed the figure and force jumped backwards before dropping into a defensive stance. His eyes widened when he saw his opponet.

"You?! But how?! You were still in the cryopod! How did you escape?!"

"I'm going to guess it was the will of the force. Either that or your battle out here knocked something loose. Either's time to finish what I started."

Alriana looked at the dark jedi and saw something in the dark jedi's eyes. Something she hadn't expected to see.


She looked over at the figure and her eyes widened in amazement. The figure was someone she had seen before, during Palpatine's jedi purge in a cantina on a world in the outer rim territories.

It's not possible...He couldn't have survived all these years.

The figure managed to duck under a lightsaber stike and slammed the hilt of his saber in the dark jedi's stomach before hitting him in the face with the hilt, knocking the dark jedi back, leaving his stomach open for a lightsaber strike.
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