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"Brother of Shadows, halt. They must be taken alive."

The figure looked over at Tavaryn who was blocking his blade and then looked over at the dark jedi who's eyes were filled with fear. The shinigami shrugged his shoulders and contnued staring at the dark jedi as if thinking about ignoring Tavaryn and killing the dark jedi anyway. He smiled at the dark jedi and turned towards the other one who had no fear in his eyes.

"Very well. feel free to handle that one. I will deal with the other one." The figure said quietly as he force jumped backwards and hit the second dark jedi with a lightning fast barrage of lightsaber strikes that he was easily able to keep up with.

"I remember fighting you in the cantina." the shinigami said thoughtfully as he blocked a few of the dark jedi's strikes as he looked for a way to break through the dark jedi's ligtsaber defense.

"And I remember that you distracted us long enough for the jedi to get away!" The dark jedi said with a snarl. "If we had gone back to palpatine he would have executed us!"

"Not my problem."

The dark jedi unleashed a force push that sent the Shinigami flying backwards towards the wreckage of the Visio. Alriana force jumped towards him and slammed into him shoulder first to alter his trajectory. The Shinigami didn't know who she was at first and was about to strike her with his lightsaber only to stop cold when he saw her.

"You...I remember you." He said quietly as he landed on his feet and ran back at the dark jedi.

"You will be spared if you surrender."

The dark jedi who was currently not fighting sighed. "It appears that I have no choice but to surrender." He suddenly smiled. "Good luck trying to get my friend their to surrender. He will not stop until either he is dead or you are all dead."

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